Easy & Breezy Summer

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The best way to look the coolest this summer..

Welcome to our Summer Edition. SUMMERS are hot and humid in most of the regions so we need to stay dry and comfortable all the time to look confident.

Colors one should choose in Summer

Bright colors are always in thing in summer.

Floral prints are look very attractive at any occasion.

Accessories should be minimum because hot summer can cause skin rashes and other problems if the accessories are not skin friendly. A hat and sleek designer bracelet along with sleek earrings would do wonders with a hot summer look (for people with sensitive skin).

Stripes are always in fashion.When we are talking about Always #trending then stripes should be mentioned mandatorily. Be it long length dress or a short one.Stripes are always trending.

For footwear one should wear comfortable shoes as the scorching heat is not so soothing to our feet. Therefore, one should keep in mind before choosing any covered ,hugged sandals.

Accessories are an important part of the look so one needs to choose the accessories wisely.

In summer keeping things light can be more comfortable.

More summer updates are on the way..

Till then stay tuned and keep #trending

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