Fequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is this Pageant all about?

A: Our pageants are all about Women Empowerment. Our aim is to promote Culture and encourage young and middle-aged talented ladies who want to be a Role Model and inspire others.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Any naturally born female can participate and the age should be between 18 to 58 years, whether married/unmarried/divorced/separated/single can apply here.

Q: How the competition is scored?

A: Firstly, you have to register yourself online and if you are selected, we will send you an email with audition details in it. Our online auditions consist of various tasks which participants have to complete in given stipulated time. The performance in the task will be evaluated by our HFC Team and accordingly, candidates will be chosen for the finals (except for the online contests).

Q: Is there any fees for registration?

A: Yes, there is a Registration fee of Rs.4500 or $70 USD. For HFC Mrs. India 2020 Registration fee is Rs.3000 till 31st Jan 2020. For our Online pageants like HFC Ms Photogenic 2020 and HFC Ms Fashion Icon 2020 there is a charge of Rs.500.

Q: What are we looking for?

A: We are looking for a talented woman that can excel as an all-rounder from Asia Pacific Region and fashionistas for HFC Ms Fashion Icon 2020.

Q: Where will the pageant be held?

A: The national finals will be held in Mumbai and the winners will go to Brisbane, Australia to compete at an international level in September 2020. Online contest will have online results.

Q: Am I eligible to apply if I don’t have pageant experience?

A: Yes, our talent team will guide you throughout the pageant. They will support you from the beginning until the final night.

Q: What is the scale of scoring in this pageant?

A: You will be scored from a scale of 1-10. There will be 5-6 judges for National final and 10 judges for International final. For online pageants there will be two categories, viewer's choice and Judge's Choice. The Viewer's choice is based on social media likes and shares whereas Judge's choice will be based on the views of eminent judges.

Q: Is there a cost to apply?

A: Yes, if you are selected in the auditions, then there is a registration fee of Rs.4500/ $70 USD. If you are selected for the finals then you need to pay national fees. For online pageants there are no extra charges other than registration Fees.


Q: What is included in the National fee?

A: National fee covers; sash and crown, grooming and personality development, fitness training, HMUA, advertisement page, magazine cover and photo packages, plus 6 days-5 nights hotel stay at either 4-5 Star Hotel in Mumbai on sharing with another contestant/contestants. For International contest the fee will cover the hotel in Brisbane, Australia for 3 nights and HMUA.

Q: Do I need to have a passport to compete?

A: Yes, if you are an international contestant, you will be needing a passport to travel to Australia and certain countries might require a visitor visa.

Q: Are appearances required?

A: Here you are competing to become “the face” of the brand, so we encouraged you to get out of the shell and be positively seen as much as you can.

​Q: If I have to relinquish my title before the national or international finals, do I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, there are no refunds for anyone withdrawing from the competition. Please make sure that you are able to commit before signing up, or competing for your national/international or online pageant. Once your photos are submitted, they can be used for promotions and marketing from time to time.

Q: Am I allowed to acquire sponsors for my National fees? ​​

A: Yes, we highly encourage you to obtain sponsors. ​


Q: Who attend these events?

A: Attendees include leading brands, designers, editors, exhibitors, government representatives, media personals, stylists, influencers, customers and friends of the brand etc.