About Us

Empowering Women to help them stand on their own.

High Fashion Chic was founded by Nandita Goldar in 2019 to give a new dimension to the fashion Industry. We have become a brand that is working with the latest trends and innovation in the field of fashion. HFC aims to empower women, promote culture and encourage talented ladies who want to become a role model and inspire others.


Through High Fashion Chic we want to create a platform where we will empower women from every strata of life to build and shape their future in the fashion industry. Ours Pageant is not all about beauty, but also emphasize on traits like strength, leadership quality and dedication.


We encourage all those incredible women around Asia Pacific to showcase their talent without any hesitation, their culture and the story behind which has led them to become what they are today. Also, we give opportunity to young designers to showcase their designs internationally.


This is a platform where we bring different cultures together and spreads the message of multicultural harmony. We are the first International Multicultural Pageant and we provide the best fashion services like grooming, image consulting, personality development etc. that will help you to achieve a positive and confident personal.


Our Founder :

Mrs Nandita Goldar

Nandita Goldar, a young and energetic lady hailing from the historical town of Barrackpore in West Bengal,India.Born in an Army Family she believes in disciplined life more than anything else.An Avid Traveller, a sports enthusiasts,a trained classical singer and dancer knowing more than 18 forms of western dance she believes a healthy mind resides in a healthy body that is the reason she supports Yoga through HFC as well.

She has won several pageant titles like Mrs Asia Universal 2019,Mrs India East 2018, Mrs Most Influential 2019 and is also Amazon Influencer.

Nandita believes in achieving dreams through hardwork and dedication.Her mantra for success is Focus on your dreams and work hard to achieve it.Success will follow you whatever you do.

High Fashion Chic is founded in 2019 to give a new dimension to the fashion Industry. We believe, Fashion is not always about 36"-26"-36" and its beyond that. Confidence, posture,Softskills and correct body language is what the new definition is all about.

Through High Fashion Chic we want to create a platform where we will empower women from every strata of life to build and shape their future in the fashion industry.To name a few Grooming, Image Consulting,Hosting & Organising Fashion Events Internationally is some of our services.

Empowering Women for an empowered Nation.-------Nandita Goldar

Our Co-Founder :

Mr Sujan Biswas

Sujan Biswas, a very enthusiastic person from the suburbs of West Bengal, having 6+ years of experience of working in the Banking Industry.

A graduate from Calcutta University completing his masters from IIT,Kanpur he has got expertise in various subjects. Passionate in fashion photography he enjoys nature and its beauty. While serving in a rural bank branch in West Bengal ,he realised the importance of Woman empowerment in Rural India and started working towards it.He left his well paying job and joined IIM,Calcutta to pursue PGDBA and today he has expertise in developing statistical models, machine learning and data driven strategy execution in the areas of Acquisition,Cross Sell and Risk management.

Our Co-founder is focused and dedicated towards the vision of High Fashion Chic. Promoting different Culture worldwide and empowering women is his immediate vision.To grow as an entity as well as helping women to be at par with others is what we are working for.

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Our Values

Empowering Women to help them stand on their own
  • Launching new ideas and grooming women for making them ready for the world stage.

  • Giving opportunity to young designers to showcase their designs internationally.

  • Promoting rural women & culture from different parts of the world and helping them growing their business.

  • Spreading message of multicultural harmony.

  • Encouraging women to showcase their talent and become a brand face.

  • Helping women to achieve a positive and confident personal.

Our Team Members

Anup Maitar.jpeg

Anup Maitra

In East India (Mainly), Anup Maitra is a renowned photographer in the field of Fashion and Wedding Photography. He has been in this industry for the past 10 years and has gained tremendous experience in the field of photography. Our events, HFC Mrs. India & Ms. Asia Pacific were excellently shot by him. He possesses expertise in portfolio shoots, fashion photography, wedding & pre-wedding shots, and many more. He is also the founder of Studio 'Shoot at Sight' which is quite prestigious in this industry. He has an even-tempered personality. With his firm belief of spreading knowledge and helping the needy, he has successfully conducted many workshops and classes on photography in different parts of West Bengal. His love and passion for photography is evident in his work, by the amount of efforts he puts in all his shots. Throughout his journey in the field of photography, he has successfully done many excellent works. Also, he has worked with many eminent personalities.

He is an essential part of the High Fashion Chic Team and we are really proud to have him with us.

Sushmita Khan.jpeg

Sushmita Khan

Our Makeover expert Sushmita Khan is a professional hair & makeup artist.  She is also the proud owner of 'Makeover by Sushmita Khan'. She is an accomplished fashion and wedding makeup artist and is well known in East India. The magic in her hands is praiseworthy as her skills are always top-notch. All her clients cherish her a lot because of her sweet and humble nature. She holds great expertise in this area and never fails to meet the client's requirements. No matter if it’s an evening party look or wedding look she has mastery in all of them. Her makeovers and hairstyles always gives a perfect look to her clients. She also takes tutorial classes on full makeover. For all those who are aspiring to do something in the field of hairstyles, make-up or both don't miss out on this opportunity. We are proud to have such an amazing makeover artist on our team at High Fashion Chic.

Shivani Pattnayak.jpeg

Shivani Pattnaik

Lt. Cdr. Sushree Shivanee Pattnaik (Retd) is our expert senior image consultant. A graduate from National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), Berhampur. She has served in the Education cadre of Indian Navy. She is determined, goal-oriented team player and leader with expertise in image consultancy. She is a passionate trainer and a proponent of ‘Personality based Speech’. Also, she has devised some methods, which would enable individuals to demonstrate confidence in their speech, attitude and help them to emerge as inspiring leaders. She has a forte in leading diverse teams in dynamics of ever-changing environment with the focus on training and development that includes performance assessment, performance gap analysis and performance enhancement. She is an expert with excellent interpersonal skills. With her expertise you can develop a perfect personality for your own and for any social event. She also created bespoke programs for emerging leaders and students to develop the visibility of one’s oral expression, poise, attitude and confidence. If your weakness lies in expressing yourself then she is the perfect person to consult.

Our gifting partner: Threads & Tassels by Mrinalini Sharma

As the name suggest Threads & Tassel is a designer clothing store situated in Kolkata and was owned by Mrinalini Sharma (Fashion designer).  Threads & Tassel is our gifting partner for all the events.