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Empowering Women to help them stand on their own.

High Fashion Chic was founded by Nandita Goldar in 2019 to give a new dimension to the fashion Industry. We have become a brand that is working with the latest trends and innovation in the field of fashion. HFC aims to empower women, promote culture and encourage talented ladies who want to become a role model and inspire others.


Through High Fashion Chic we want to create a platform where we will empower women from every strata of life to build and shape their future in the fashion industry. Ours Pageant is not all about beauty, but also emphasize on traits like strength, leadership quality and dedication.


We encourage all those incredible women around Asia Pacific Country to showcase their talent without any hesitation, their culture and the story behind that has led them to become what they are today. Also, we give opportunity to young designers to showcase their designs internationally.

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